Top 5 Summer Activities

We Canadians know how to make the most of our summers. We only get 2, maybe 3, months of ideal weather and we cram as much living as we can into that time. To make sure you don’t miss anything, here are our top 5 summer activities.


5. Water Fight!

Whether it’s tossing water balloons or filling up the water pistols and having a little battle, nothing seems quite as refreshing as a good water fight. The surprise when a water balloon bursts right on you or when that cold stream of water from that water pistol hits is so invigorating.


4. Drop a line at the Fishing Hole

Fishing has a little something for everyone. You don’t even need to catch anything to enjoy it. You can do it as a way to simply relax. Just sit back, drop a line and enjoy a cold drink. If you’re looking for some excitement, not much beats a good fight with big ‘ole fish tugging at the line. The careful balance of reeling in and keeping that monster on the line gives quite the rush. Out on a boat or fishing from shore, everything is always good when you’re fishing.


3. BBQ/Pool Party!

Everyone loves a pool party. Get the family and friends together in someone’s backyard. Fire up the grill, fill a cooler with drinks and get the party started. Relax and get a tan on the pool side or dive right in and cool off. Pool parties are great for all ages and are always fun.


2. A Day at the Beach

Get out the beach umbrellas and pack up the towels. Slather on that sunscreen and get ready! We are going to the beach. It is always a good time spending a day at the beach. Digging your toes in the sand or going out for a swim, there is so much to do. Tanning, beach volleyball, Frisbee, touch football, sand castles, jogging and more! You can spend an entire day at the beach and still want to come back for more.


1. Camping in the Great Outdoors

Almost everyone I ask lists camping as the #1 thing they look forward to in the summer. In a trailer or a tent, you can’t go wrong. It’s a timeless activity for friends or family, young and old. Cooking over the open fire, hiking along the trails or singing songs, it’s hard not to enjoy yourself.


With so many fun things to do you are bound to make some great memories every time summer comes around. Make sure you bring your camera everywhere and get lots of pictures. At the end of the season, make yourself an awesome Photobook to look back on and remember what a great summer it was.

There are so many great things to do in the summer. What is your favourite summer activity?

Photobooks for Businesses

When people think Photobooks, they think of baby pictures, family vacations and birthdays and weddings. What many people don’t think of is how Photobooks can be a great tool for businesses.

Now, they might not be a great fit for some, but it is perfect for many. Here are a few examples to think about.

Bakers: Think wedding\birthday cakes. You make an awesome, beautiful cake that really shows off your talent. Then (after the artistry of it is appreciated) it is sliced up, dished out and gobbled up. Now, if you were to take a photo of that cake and many of the other ones you were so proud of and put them in a Photobook, you have a cake portfolio to show future potential clients. Sure, you could just print the photos out, but in a book, it feels classier, more professional and more interesting.

Lawn Care and Landscaping: You go to a trade show and tell people about what you do and how much your customers love the work you did to their yards. Unfortunately, you can’t pack up a nice showcase yard and bring it to your booth. Next best thing? A Photobook. Take pictures of your best work and put it in a book. Put that on your table and people want to look at it. Maybe even make a bunch of them and give them to really good prospects.

Real Estate: Ever gone to an open house and while it is clean and and organized, it feels almost lifeless or too proper? Well, why not make a Photobook with the people selling it and get some shots of it being lived in. Give the house life.

These are just a few of the examples I have, but there are so many businesses that could benefit from showing off their products and work in a Photobook. Can you think of any ways they could work for your own business or another?

Some Great Photobook Ideas

I’ve shared some of my ideas for books on our Get Inspired page and here in the blog. Being a big fan of Photobooks, I am always checking around the net looking for other great ideas. One blog I found was The Daily Buzz, by Simone and she had a great article about some ideas for Photobooks. Some would work on our site, some won’t, but I find them inspiring all the same. It seems they even did a very similar Alphabet book I made for my son.

Check it out:

Wedding Thank You’s

Have you newlyweds made your thank you cards yet?

If not, why not use those great photos you have and make something really personal? We have some great templates you can use, or just make one from scratch. Here is a little preview of the wedding type cards and invites you can make for yourself online. These are completely customizable and the ready to go templates can be used as a starting point if you like.








Here is a crafty idea I found almost 4 years ago when I made thank you cards for my own wedding. When you take two thumb prints and press them onto paper the right way, it makes a heart. Leave some space on the back of the card and add these hearts before sending them out. Maybe put your names below the space and make it almost like your wedding “logo”.  Maybe this is something you might like to use yourself, but regardless, always remember that you can add your extra embellishments even after the cards have been printed. Do you have any cool “extras” you’ve came up with or want to share?



An Open Collaborative Project – Recipe Brag Book

I just started an online project that everyone is invited to help with. It is called the Recipe Brag Book. Just like we make Brag Books for our kids or pets photos, this is a recipe one. You can login to the group project and create your own page with your own recipe on it.


Check out to learn more and join in the fun! It is just getting started so add your recipe now to get in the first few pages and get seen the most!

Make a Photo Guestbook for Your Wedding

If you want a guestbook that really has that wow factor, then a photo guestbook is the way to go. Nothing is more personal and interesting as a guestbook filled with pictures of you and your partner. Did you get some engagement photos done? Or maybe fill it with photos from the start of your relationship to the engagement? What about pictures of planning the wedding? Put them in the guestbook with space all over for guests to sign. These types of books are still very unique and very classy. This is something guests will talk about at the wedding and afterward too.

I was just at a cousin’s wedding (where my little boy rocked it as the ring bearer!) and my wife and I were working the guestbook table. They went the photo guestbook route and it was nice to be able to hear first hand how many people loved the idea. Every guest stopped at the table and flipped through the book commenting on how great an idea it was and how beautiful it looked. There was a serious buzz about the thing and I heard people talking about it all night.

The tools are here to make a unique and beautiful guestbook for your wedding. Feel free to start with the wedding theme or make one from scratch. Make sure to leave room for the guests to sign it and leave some messages for you.

Check out the sample here for some inspiration.