An Open Collaborative Project – Recipe Brag Book

I just started an online project that everyone is invited to help with. It is called the Recipe Brag Book. Just like we make Brag Books for our kids or pets photos, this is a recipe one. You can login to the group project and create your own page with your own recipe on it.


Check out to learn more and join in the fun! It is just getting started so add your recipe now to get in the first few pages and get seen the most!

Summer Fun – Buy One Get One Offer

We’ve had a pretty hot summer so far, so that means lots of outdoor fun. Hopefully, you’ve taken lots of pictures too.

With all the backyard BBQs, beach days, camping trips and other summer activities, you now have several great themes for a Photobook. We have several great themes that would be a perfect fit for a summer book.

After making your book, be sure to use the code JULYBOGO in the shopping cart to get your 2nd copy free on any photo product. You must set the quantity to 2 when adding to cart. Greeting Cards, Postcards and Photo Cards are 50% off.

Use code JULYBOGO in the shopping cart to get your 2nd copy free.

Expires July 31st.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer!

How To: Use Clipart in Your Designs

Using clipart in your Photobooks, greeting cards and posters is a great way to add some nice embellishments or fill those gaps in your design that just feel like they need a little something. It gives that added touch of personalization and makes it feel a bit more like a scrap booking project too.

Some of you may not be sure what clipart is exactly. Well, the best way I can explain it is to think of them like stickers. You pick one and place it on top of your design much like you would a sticker if you were to add one to the printed copy. The perk here, is you can move it and re-size it as needed.

Adding clipart to your project is easy. Just get into customize mode (by clicking customize or being in designer mode from the get go) and click the clipart tab. From there, you will see several categories with images in them. Those are your clipart images. Just drag one on to your design and voila, you have used clipart. Browse around and see what is there. You may find that perfect one to really make a page in your Photobook or cover of your greeting card really work for you.

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian Groupbookers out there!

We hope the weather is good in your part of the country and enjoy all the Canada Day festivities, BBQs and Fireworks.

Does anyone have any Canada Day Traditions?
For me, it is going to the zoo with my wife and son, and then fireworks later that evening, if my boy still awake that is. He’s usually burnt off what energy he has by the time it gets dark.

Launch Day

Well today is the day. Our Photobooks are live for order. We also have posters, calendars and greeting cards for launch so be sure to check those out too. We are so excited that we can offer these books to you now. We really think we have a great system for making these books and hope you find the same when you try it out.

So, our initial offering will be:

We also have 15 themes, 275 backgrounds, lots of clipart, knockouts and frames.

We will add more sizes and themes as we go on, but this is the starting point for now.

So, try the new system out, let us know what you think and we hope you have fun!