Some Firework Tips and Photography Fun

I was going to make a post about some tips to shoot fireworks, with this weekend being Canada Day and all (and Independence Day on Wednesday), but I ended up finding two posts by Joe Burbank of the Orlando Sentinel ( that does a much better job of explaining how to set your camera. These are not exactly for the complete amateur, but if you are comfortable changing settings on your cameras, you my want to try this stuff out.

For Compact Camera (point and shoot, pocket types) users, check out this post:,0,394723.story

For Digital SLR users, check out this post:,0,2120539.story


And on the lighter side of Photography, I found another blogger who has some funny, yet sometimes useful tips for you Photographers out there.

The 77 tips by Ivars Graveljs

Ivars Gravlejs’ website:


I hope you enjoy your long weekend!

How To: Design a Fully Customizable Photobook

One of the great things about Groupbook is that you can have complete control of your design. You can choose what goes where right down to the smallest detail. Clip art can be put anywhere, any page can have a full photo background and you can even make a two page spread whenever you like.

It would be a very long post if I were to explain every feature you can use in Designer Mode (full customization mode). What I will do here, is explain how to start a book in Designer Mode and then show a little video with a few of the things you can do in it. There will be more tips and in-depth tutorials on specific tricks, but we’ll do this one thing at a time. Remember though, nothing beats actually starting a book and trying things out for yourself.

Step 1: Pick your Photobook type and size.

Step 2: Choose a theme. The “Design Your Own” theme automatically places you in Designer mode. Other themes default to Economic mode, so you have to change the drop-down right by your preview to Designer mode. Don’t worry if you forget, you can enter Designer mode at any time by clicking the customize button at the bottom of the design window.

My own little personal advice here, to save time, is to start a book in Economic mode. That lets you auto flow pictures into your book before getting to design anything. Then, click that Customize button and enter Designer mode. That way, your pictures are all in place and you can make changes from there.

Step 3: Start designing. You will have to upload your photos if you haven’t already.


Now, check out this short video showing you some of the things you can do.




How To: Making a Quick Photobook

Making a Photobook on can be as easy and quick or as in-depth and customizable as you could want. Today I will show you how to make a quick Photobook using Economic Mode. Next week I will do a “How To” on using the Full Customization mode.

Making a quick Photobook is as simple as choosing your book size, theme and uploading your pictures. Our program will automatically layout your photos on as many pages as it takes to fit them in. It randomly chooses different photo layouts and fills in your entire book. It is as quick as that. You could potentially complete your order now and have a professional looking book people will think you spent hours on. You can take a bit more time if you like and add some text, swap photos and do some tweaks to the position and size of the photos used.

Here is a video showing just how easy it is.

To see this video clearer, feel free to click the fullscreen button (bottom right corner) and change the quality to HD (the little gear icon).

How To: Share Your Photobook on Social Media Sites

For our very first “How To” post, I’d like to show you all how to share your books online.

At, we think sharing and building Photobooks with others makes them more fun. We have the tools to be able to share your book on any social media site or through email. Send an invite to your friends, family or anyone else you want and let them collaborate, view, buy or copy your Photobook. It is very easy to do, and only takes a few steps.

The first step is to start a book on Whatever size you want, whatever theme you want, just get a project going. All you have to do is save your design to your account. Do that by clicking the save button in the bottom left corner and giving your project a name.

Step two is going to your saved designs by clicking “My Designs” on the top menu bar. Find the design you just saved and click “Share Design”. This will pop up a window asking you to pick what kind of “share” you want to do. The options are:

  • : Your friends will only be able to view your design.
  • : Your friends will be able to view and order your design.
  • : Your friends will be able to view, copy and order your design.
  • : Your friends will be able to view, modify and order your design.

Depending on the option you choose, a special link will be created that you can then share.

The last step is actually posting your link. You can select any of the pre-formated social media sites we offer. The main ones are Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and print. If you click the plus button you will see several more. There are more than 300 sites to choose from, so you’ll probably find the one you want in that list. If you can’t find it, you can always copy the generated link and post it manually.

There you go! Your book is now shared online.


To see this video clearer, feel free to click the fullscreen button (bottom right corner) and change the quality to HD (the little gear icon).


Something to note about sharing is that this link goes to your book. If you post a link on a public site where anyone can view it they can comment and see your Photobook. So if you don’t want specific people to view the book (a gift for someone) share the link privately, or use any privacy settings on the social media site to prevent that person(s) from seeing it.


Have fun Groupbooking!