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Groupbook is all about making Photobooks fun and easy to use. We wanted to make Photobooks a social thing too. We wanted our customers to enjoy working on their books alone or with their family and friends. You can start a book and then invite anyone you’d like to work on it with you. They can upload images and text, as well as modify the work you’ve started. If you just want to show off your work, or let people make copies and then modify it afterward, you are now able to do just that.

As with all new things, there is a learning curve to getting started. With Groupbook.ca we think we’ve made it super easy for anyone to get started for the first time without limiting those who want to have the freedom they need to make a completely custom Photobook.

This blog will be all about bridging that gap from 1st time Photobooker to seasoned Photobook veteran. We will be providing tips and tricks to using some of the more advanced features of our software. You can also count on getting tips to help you get some great photos for your books and other projects. We will even have some guest articles from professional photographers who know their stuff. Most of all, we want this to be an enjoyable experience and we feel that a personal touch from us will help that. We will always do our best to help you out however we can, whether that means technical support, advice, opinions, tips or even showcasing your work for others to see and get inspired by. We are here for you.

We really do hope you enjoy not only making your Photobooks but also being part of the Groupbook community.



Groupbook.ca is the product site for ImagineItPrintIt.ca’s Photobooks. The offering was just too big for it to fit in with the original imagineitprintit.ca scope. The creative software is run on the imagineitprintit.ca site but the Photobook staging and learning is done on groupbook.ca.


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