Ready for Back to School?

School is back in session. Hopefully, the kids had a great summer and got their fill. I’m not at that point with my son yet, but I remember the days from when I was younger. Starting a new school year was always a little bitter-sweet. The free summer days were done but you got to see all of your friends everyday, (plus, having always loved playing hockey, it meant the Hockey season was starting soon!).

Back to school created a whole bunch of new opportunities to make new Photobooks and other stuff. It is always best to start planning your books from the start to make sure you get everything you need.

Some pictures you might want to take are day 1 backpack items, lunches, field trips, big projects and any other “firsts” they will have this year. If it is your child’s first day of school, why not start a tradition of taking their photo on each 1st day of school. I know it is a long time until they are done with school, but I have seen some cool series of pictures of kids from Kindergarten to grade 12, all in the same setting. Amazing to look at and see how they grow (and how the clothing styles change!).

Big projects are also something that might be worth using GroupBook items for. Have a  big science project you need to display on a poster, you can build that online. Reports and art projects look great as soft cover Photobooks. Wow the class with personalized Christmas and Valentines cards?

At the end of the year, scan all the report cards, art and projects and build you child (and yourself) a nice, organized way to keep those items around forever. I know that my parents kept various projects from my years in school and it quickly became a big mess with all the stuff I had brought home. This would have been a great solution for that.


These are just a few ideas and few things to think of for the coming school year. Get creative and think up some that you think would be worthwhile. There are lots of resources out there with other ideas too. Check them out and good luck with the school year!


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