Photobooks for Businesses

When people think Photobooks, they think of baby pictures, family vacations and birthdays and weddings. What many people don’t think of is how Photobooks can be a great tool for businesses.

Now, they might not be a great fit for some, but it is perfect for many. Here are a few examples to think about.

Bakers: Think wedding\birthday cakes. You make an awesome, beautiful cake that really shows off your talent. Then (after the artistry of it is appreciated) it is sliced up, dished out and gobbled up. Now, if you were to take a photo of that cake and many of the other ones you were so proud of and put them in a Photobook, you have a cake portfolio to show future potential clients. Sure, you could just print the photos out, but in a book, it feels classier, more professional and more interesting.

Lawn Care and Landscaping: You go to a trade show and tell people about what you do and how much your customers love the work you did to their yards. Unfortunately, you can’t pack up a nice showcase yard and bring it to your booth. Next best thing? A Photobook. Take pictures of your best work and put it in a book. Put that on your table and people want to look at it. Maybe even make a bunch of them and give them to really good prospects.

Real Estate: Ever gone to an open house and while it is clean and and organized, it feels almost lifeless or too proper? Well, why not make a Photobook with the people selling it and get some shots of it being lived in. Give the house life.

These are just a few of the examples I have, but there are so many businesses that could benefit from showing off their products and work in a Photobook. Can you think of any ways they could work for your own business or another?

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