Common Mistakes We Find in Photobooks

As we see Photobooks come in, we are always checking through them for any defects or production issues before we send them out. We want you to get the best Photobook possible. While doing that, we sometimes notice layout problems or mistakes in a few.

I figured a great post would be to let everyone know what these mistakes are and some suggestions for fixing or preventing them. There are 3 common ones I’d like to share.


1. Putting a face or important image right in the gutter area.

As you see here, sometimes a layout will call for an image to spread from one page to another. This puts an image into the gutter where the book is bound together. In the example below, you can see the face is going right down the middle and you might loose some of it when the book is put together.

This is not what you want…


To fix this, try using an image that doesn’t have a face or important right in the middle. The images still look great going from one page to another, but by using an image that has the subject off to the side, it will turn out much better.

There. That’s better.


2. Having text or logo in the gutter area.

Much like the problem above, having text or a logo in the gutter is not a good idea. It is ever worse than having an image there because the words just won’t read properly. Loosing a bit affects the text a lot.

This will read “Baly’s firt Chrismas 200″ after being bound. Not what we want.

Now, unlike above, we can’t just swap another image in there. The best option is to just avoid the issue entirely. Move the layout around so you never have text running through the middle like that.

Layout is different, but the problem is gone.


3. Images and text too close to the edge.

This is really common. When a book or design is trimmed down after printing, we cut away what is called the “bleed” area. This is an extra 1/8″ area around the design where the artwork and colour continues past the final dimensions of the book. Objects right against the edge of the design fall into this “bleed” area.

The top of this type might be cut off in the finished product. Notice the warning.

To fix this, simply leave a gap between anything important that you don’t want cut off and the edge of the design.

Ha! Take that “bleed” area. No text getting cut off now!


Hopefully these tips help you when you create your books. As long as you keep an eye out fro these common mistakes, you can be sure your book will look great!


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