Wedding Thank You’s

Have you newlyweds made your thank you cards yet?

If not, why not use those great photos you have and make something really personal? We have some great templates you can use, or just make one from scratch. Here is a little preview of the wedding type cards and invites you can make for yourself online. These are completely customizable and the ready to go templates can be used as a starting point if you like.








Here is a crafty idea I found almost 4 years ago when I made thank you cards for my own wedding. When you take two thumb prints and press them onto paper the right way, it makes a heart. Leave some space on the back of the card and add these hearts before sending them out. Maybe put your names below the space and make it almost like your wedding “logo”.  Maybe this is something you might like to use yourself, but regardless, always remember that you can add your extra embellishments even after the cards have been printed. Do you have any cool “extras” you’ve came up with or want to share?



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