How To: Manage Your Images

It is always easier to design things with Photos when you are organized. That is why we have a Photo Management tool for you. You can sort your uploaded images into albums for easy access and find what you need quickly. Organize it by project, person, event or whatever else makes sense to you.

The get started, click on the “My Images” tab on the menu. That will bring you to the tool. Make sure you login when you get there. You will see a screen with all of the images you’ve uploaded into your projects, along with some tools down at the bottom.

From here, you need to create an album and give it a name. That will place it along the left side of the window. Now, you can drag your photos 1 by 1 into that album and they will move from the main “My Photos” page to the album you made. Just a note about moving images.. if your images are large it may take a while to “move”. Just keep dropping the next one in line into your album even if the first one doesn’t seem to move yet. It is processing and will disappear when finished.

You can also delete unwanted images here. Do that by dragging an image onto the trash can and clicking delete when prompted.

Now you know how to sort and organize your photos to make it even easier to create your awesome projects. Hope this helps and happy GroupBooking!

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