Photography Tips: Getting Ready to Shoot

Photography can be a lot of fun. I am by no means a professional, but can get some pretty nice shots. Like most things, you get better with practice. If you are already pretty comfortable with your photographic talents, I probably don’t have much wisdom to impart. We will be trying to find some true professional Photographers to do some guest posts, so keep an eye out for that.

To start, some basic photography housekeeping items:

  • Make sure you have room on your card/camera. Nothing is worse than clicking that button on a great shot only to see “Insufficient Space”. Take the time to clear out some extra/old shots to be ready for new ones.
  • Check the battery! I know I’ve fallen victim to this a few times. Always make sure your camera is charged. If possible, have a spare battery so one can always be full. Also, in the cold, batteries run out faster, so bring some extras just in-case.
  • Clean the lens. You can use the same stuff you clean glasses with. Spray and a soft cloth.
  • Have a plan. This does always apply, but if you know you want certain pictures or certain people, things or poses, make a list (written or mental) and be sure to get them. I know in the moment I often forget what I started out wanting.
  • Get inspired. Take a few minutes to go online and search Google or Flickr for some inspiration. Type in something that describes the kind of pictures you want to take. Go search Summer Family Photos and see what comes up. You might find something that gets your creative juices flowing and gives you some ideas of your own. If not, you may see a pose you love and want to copy. Go for it

I know these tips aren’t the most fun, but they are important ones, and often overlooked. Luckily, once you start doing these things on a regular basis, it just becomes habit and you don’t need to think about it anymore.


Happy shooting everyone and have a great weekend!



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