How To: Import Photos From Facebook

Facebook is by far the largest social network out there and it also has the most photos. Most of us who have accounts also have several albums up on there too. Same goes for our friends. The Groupbook software, lets you get those photos from Facebook and put them into your Photobook.

To start, begin a new project or load an old one. Then, at the photo uploading stage, select Facebook instead of upload from computer. This will prompt you to login using you Facebook account. You will need to allow our software to access your account and then you can start grabbing your images. All of your own images will be available, and those of your friends which have been made public can be uploaded too. This is a great tool for making a surprise Photobook for your friends or family too.

Something to remember though… Early on, Facebook didn’t allow large, high quality photos to be uploaded. So be careful when placing them in your book. Some might be low quality (look for the “!” on you photo to see if it is low quality). Newer pictures, roughly October 2010 or newer (don’t quote me on this though, it is a rough date based the date of the news about allowing Hi Res images), can be high quality if that is what you uploaded to Facebook in the first place.

Hope that helps you out and makes creating your Photobook even more fun!


Here is a video showing how to get those Facebook photos.


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