Some Firework Tips and Photography Fun

I was going to make a post about some tips to shoot fireworks, with this weekend being Canada Day and all (and Independence Day on Wednesday), but I ended up finding two posts by Joe Burbank of the Orlando Sentinel ( that does a much better job of explaining how to set your camera. These are not exactly for the complete amateur, but if you are comfortable changing settings on your cameras, you my want to try this stuff out.

For Compact Camera (point and shoot, pocket types) users, check out this post:,0,394723.story

For Digital SLR users, check out this post:,0,2120539.story


And on the lighter side of Photography, I found another blogger who has some funny, yet sometimes useful tips for you Photographers out there.

The 77 tips by Ivars Graveljs

Ivars Gravlejs’ website:


I hope you enjoy your long weekend!

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