How To: Design a Fully Customizable Photobook

One of the great things about Groupbook is that you can have complete control of your design. You can choose what goes where right down to the smallest detail. Clip art can be put anywhere, any page can have a full photo background and you can even make a two page spread whenever you like.

It would be a very long post if I were to explain every feature you can use in Designer Mode (full customization mode). What I will do here, is explain how to start a book in Designer Mode and then show a little video with a few of the things you can do in it. There will be more tips and in-depth tutorials on specific tricks, but we’ll do this one thing at a time. Remember though, nothing beats actually starting a book and trying things out for yourself.

Step 1: Pick your Photobook type and size.

Step 2: Choose a theme. The “Design Your Own” theme automatically places you in Designer mode. Other themes default to Economic mode, so you have to change the drop-down right by your preview to Designer mode. Don’t worry if you forget, you can enter Designer mode at any time by clicking the customize button at the bottom of the design window.

My own little personal advice here, to save time, is to start a book in Economic mode. That lets you auto flow pictures into your book before getting to design anything. Then, click that Customize button and enter Designer mode. That way, your pictures are all in place and you can make changes from there.

Step 3: Start designing. You will have to upload your photos if you haven’t already.


Now, check out this short video showing you some of the things you can do.




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