How To: Making a Quick Photobook

Making a Photobook on can be as easy and quick or as in-depth and customizable as you could want. Today I will show you how to make a quick Photobook using Economic Mode. Next week I will do a “How To” on using the Full Customization mode.

Making a quick Photobook is as simple as choosing your book size, theme and uploading your pictures. Our program will automatically layout your photos on as many pages as it takes to fit them in. It randomly chooses different photo layouts and fills in your entire book. It is as quick as that. You could potentially complete your order now and have a professional looking book people will think you spent hours on. You can take a bit more time if you like and add some text, swap photos and do some tweaks to the position and size of the photos used.

Here is a video showing just how easy it is.

To see this video clearer, feel free to click the fullscreen button (bottom right corner) and change the quality to HD (the little gear icon).

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