Make a Photo Guestbook for Your Wedding

If you want a guestbook that really has that wow factor, then a photo guestbook is the way to go. Nothing is more personal and interesting as a guestbook filled with pictures of you and your partner. Did you get some engagement photos done? Or maybe fill it with photos from the start of your relationship to the engagement? What about pictures of planning the wedding? Put them in the guestbook with space all over for guests to sign. These types of books are still very unique and very classy. This is something guests will talk about at the wedding and afterward too.

I was just at a cousin’s wedding (where my little boy rocked it as the ring bearer!) and my wife and I were working the guestbook table. They went the photo guestbook route and it was nice to be able to hear first hand how many people loved the idea. Every guest stopped at the table and flipped through the book commenting on how great an idea it was and how beautiful it looked. There was a serious buzz about the thing and I heard people talking about it all night.

The tools are here to make a unique and beautiful guestbook for your wedding. Feel free to start with the wedding theme or make one from scratch. Make sure to leave room for the guests to sign it and leave some messages for you.

Check out the sample here for some inspiration.

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