How To: Share Your Photobook on Social Media Sites

For our very first “How To” post, I’d like to show you all how to share your books online.

At, we think sharing and building Photobooks with others makes them more fun. We have the tools to be able to share your book on any social media site or through email. Send an invite to your friends, family or anyone else you want and let them collaborate, view, buy or copy your Photobook. It is very easy to do, and only takes a few steps.

The first step is to start a book on Whatever size you want, whatever theme you want, just get a project going. All you have to do is save your design to your account. Do that by clicking the save button in the bottom left corner and giving your project a name.

Step two is going to your saved designs by clicking “My Designs” on the top menu bar. Find the design you just saved and click “Share Design”. This will pop up a window asking you to pick what kind of “share” you want to do. The options are:

  • : Your friends will only be able to view your design.
  • : Your friends will be able to view and order your design.
  • : Your friends will be able to view, copy and order your design.
  • : Your friends will be able to view, modify and order your design.

Depending on the option you choose, a special link will be created that you can then share.

The last step is actually posting your link. You can select any of the pre-formated social media sites we offer. The main ones are Facebook, Twitter, E-mail and print. If you click the plus button you will see several more. There are more than 300 sites to choose from, so you’ll probably find the one you want in that list. If you can’t find it, you can always copy the generated link and post it manually.

There you go! Your book is now shared online.


To see this video clearer, feel free to click the fullscreen button (bottom right corner) and change the quality to HD (the little gear icon).


Something to note about sharing is that this link goes to your book. If you post a link on a public site where anyone can view it they can comment and see your Photobook. So if you don’t want specific people to view the book (a gift for someone) share the link privately, or use any privacy settings on the social media site to prevent that person(s) from seeing it.


Have fun Groupbooking!

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